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Web design is like fashion…there’s always a “latest trend.”

At Accrinet, we believe an up-to-date web design is the crucial first step to online success. That’s why we make it our goal to help our customers embrace the latest design trends and web standards. It’s a bold undertaking, but it’s what keeps you ahead of the competition.

Our Web Design Process

Our web design process begins with you. We want to understand you, your organization, your brand, and your goals. We want to know which web designs you like, which ones you dislike, and what you’re envisioning for your own website design. Once we have the answers, we’ll apply our extensive knowledge of design trends and best practices to develop a website we guarantee you’ll love. (And if you don’t, we’ll go back to the drawing board and keep working until your expectations are met.)

Our web design process includes the following steps:

  • In the kickoff meeting, our web design team introduces you to current design trends and best practices.
  • During the second meeting, we learn more about your organization, your brand, and the websites that you’d like us to use as Northern Stars during the web design process.
  • The design brief is prepared and submitted for your approval.
  • We create two or three design concepts, and you choose your favorite.
  • A semi-final design is revealed for your feedback; necessary revisions are made.
  • The final design is presented for your approval.

The Latest In Web Design

Since website standards are constantly changing, we make it our goal to keep your website current with the latest design and functionality trends!

Currently trending:

  • Responsive Design: A mobile-optimized web design that adjusts to fit any screen size, whether the device is a PC, laptop, tablet or smartphone.
  • Hero Image: An image at the top of a page (usually the homepage) that fills the entire screen. Now this is how you make a lasting impression.
  • Single-Page Design: Exactly what it sounds like—all of your content on one long, single page. Instead of clicking, visitors navigate by scrolling.
  • Fixed Navigation: A menu bar that sticks to the top of the page as visitors scroll, making it easier to navigate to other areas of your site.
  • Flat Design: A minimalistic design style that makes your website look better on mobile devices. Flash, drop shadows, and gradients are out; large shapes, bold colors, and simple graphics are in!

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